Increase my net worth by $60,000.

Increasing my net worth, more importantly, my savings is my main focus in 2017. I am determined to sock away 50% of my salary because I am playing catch up in regards to my savings. I want to make sure that I put as much of my paycheck as possible in an account that is going to earn interest/make money. So, in order to meet this, I need to keep my spending in check. Any unnecessary spending will throw off my numbers.

Take care of my health.

This is my physical, mental, and emotional health. Sometimes we are everything to everyone and forget to do for ourselves. Last year, I was able to focus on spending an hour every day doing something for myself. This year, I want to focus on putting myself first in other aspects of my life.

There are a few courses, like beginner’s yoga and mindfulness, that I would like to do during the year. Sometimes our minds are so cluttered and we have a million things to do, so the mindfulness course teaches you how to be present and focus on only what you are doing.

Earn my YellowBelt.

Over the last couple of years, my main focus in my professional life was passing my exams and getting my CPA license. Now that I have my license I want to focus on taking on a more challenging task that will allow me to grow as a professional. A YellowBelt is a course that my job offers that teaches you how to maximize value and continuous improvement through eliminating inefficiencies.

Improve the blog.

I always have a set of goals for the blog but I never take them seriously. This year, though, I will be able to put more of an effort. I am not planning anything or studying for anything, so I feel like I will be able to give the blog the attention that it needs.

Throughout the year I will be focusing on improving the content, increasing the number of posts that are published, and increasing social media activity.

Give back through doing.

It is not about how much money you can throw at a charity, but about how much time you can give back to the charities in the community in which you operate. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that believes in giving back and requires employees to volunteer at least once a quarter. However, there is no limit on how many days you volunteer per quarter.

Mid-year Review